Butte County warns locals in fire stricken areas to be prepared for rain


OROVILLE, Calif. - Thursday in Butte County it was easy to see there was an incoming storm. Bringing with it was that first concern of flooding and destruction that came with last winter's rains.

Since burned vegetation is more prone to debris flow and clogged culverts and waterways, the county hopes to help locals get ahead of the storm this year.

Staff is warning those whose property has flooded in prior heavy rain events to monitor their surroundings and even be prepared to leave the area if necessary. Those in fire stricken areas are even more susceptible to flooding because when vegetation burns, it becomes like concrete.

"It's important to remember that when there's been a wildfire that's moved through an area, it's burned the ground, water runs off of that area in a similar fashion that it runs off of pavement," explained Butte County Public Information Officer Casey Hatcher. "So there can be a greater chance for flash flooding in areas down the hill or down stream from those areas that have burn scars."

Hatcher also added that if you live below a fire burned area, it's important to recognize that the water is going to run down that burned hill more rapidly.

The county suggests using sandbags to protect any property. They're offering them to the public at nearby CAL FIRE stations, but ask that resident only take what they need. For more information on how to prepare, click here.

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