Chico runner returns to Boston Marathon


CHICO, Calif. - One year ago Tuesday, two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured many.

Among the many that ran in the marathon, a handful of them were from Chico. Cindy Courtain was one of those runners and she is planning to return this year.

Courtain said she is going back to show everyone they should not be scared and let fear stand in their way of running this race.

"Depending on what day it is, you do think about it," said Courtain. She said at the last mile and half, she was starting to slow down, but something inside of her was telling her to finish her race strong. "Maybe it was my dad saying get going," Courtain said. Courtain crossed the finish line two minutes before the first blast went off. "If I would have kept my other pace I would have been around one of those explosions," explained Courtain. Courtain was frantically trying to find her husband, Royal Courtain who was waiting for her at the finish line. "I started thinking the worst," said Royal. "I think something almost takes control and I was headed to the finish line at that point." Royal then received a text from Cindy 20 minutes after the explosions letting him know that she escaped the blasts unharmed. "It was very brief saying, I'm OK," said Royal. "That was the big thing that hit me. Then we didn't see each other again for another half an hour." The couple found each other at a bus stop that takes the runners to the starting line. Cindy said she probably wouldn't have returned to Boston had things ended normally. "After the explosions, I said to my husband 'we have to go back,'" said Cindy Courtain.

The Courtain's said they will leave Thursday afternoon for Boston. Cindy said the toughest part for her is going to be running down Boylston Street and seeing the area again that she saw a year ago.