Chico State Paralympic athlete goes for gold in Rio


CHICO, Calif. - Former Chico State track star Kym Crosby will compete in next month's Paralympic Games in Rio, vying for medals in the 100 Meters and 400 Meters. Crosby doesn't have pigment in her hair, skin and eyes, which causes twice as much light to enter her eyes as somebody with pigment. "I also have astigmatism, making my eyes shake back and forth," said Crosby, "making it really hard to focus on details so I can't see things until they're two or three inches from my face." Crosby feels she has a good chance to at least bring back an Olympic medal to her home in San Diego. "My training has been going very well up until this point," she said as she prepares to leave overseas next Sunday for the Games which will begin September 7. Her coach at Chico State noticed Kym's potential while recruiting her out of high school in Yuba City. "She's fearless and brought it every day," said Oliver Hanf. "Once I got to evaluate her, she was a fierce competitor on the track."

As for the Zika Virus, so much a part of the storyline at the recent Games, Crosby isn't too concerned.

"The Olympians already came back to the Olympic training center, and they say the media is kind of playing it up and it's not that bad at all," she said. When her track career reaches its finish line Crosby said she'll return to Chico State as a full-time student, completing her degree in kinesiology.

Kym Crosby will keep a diary of her Paralympic journey on her Facebook page, which can be found at in the Fact File.

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