Chico State softball team donates to students in Houston


CHICO, Calif. - The Chico State softball team is pitching in to help fellow athletes hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

The University of Houston posted on twitter that people could help the school by donating school clothes and gear.

Chico State softball team member, Ari Marsh, wanted to help and presented the idea to the team.

"I work at a retail store and they just so happened to go on this huge promo when the hurricane was happening," said Marsh. "I was thinking maybe if we could just all donate a little bit of money we could raise enough to get some jeans."

The softball team was able to donate 44 pairs of jeans, 25 t-shirts and 30 pairs of socks.

"On top of that we donated some of our softball gear and Coach got some little kids clothes and backpacks," said Marsh.

The team sent the donations out last week.

"We have really good people and it speaks out to people that we have people that think about others and to me that is more important than wins and losses as far as what kind of people we have," said Chico Softball coach, Angel Shamblin.

The coach said the donations might take a while to arrive in Houston because of the flooding and destruction Hurricane Harvey left behind.

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