Chico State students collect donations for North Bay


CHICO, Calif. - Several students in Chico are here to get their education, but the place many of them call home is the North Bay, where fires have ripped through their neighborhoods.

Being in the Northstate has left some feeling helpless, so they've decided to do more.

Alex Graham is a fourth year at Chico State University. He said he became frustrated trying to get help to those in need because the process is disorganized, so he took matters into his own hands.

Tuesday, he started spreading the word that he'd be bringing clothes, face respirators, food and more to the town himself Friday afternoon. His parents live in Santa Rosa and though their house is still standing, many of the homes of Graham's friends are not.

"All the devastation going on and being in Chico and not being able to be there and actually go and volunteer, it's like, feeling helpless is just horrible," Graham explained. "So I wanted to be able to do something to be able to help out."

The CAVE center at Chico State has also been collecting donations for the North Bay. Graham said anyone who'd like him to deliver a donation can reach him on Facebook here. He also added that many shelters are receiving donations of items that aren't needed, so he stressed the importance of calling the shelters before donating to see what they are accepting.