Christian radio stations off the air after contract dispute


CHICO, Calif. - Christian radio stations AirOne 104.9 FM and KKXX 104.5 FM are airing static because according to management there someone removed wiring owned by the station from their tower in Berry Creek.

Andrew Palmquist, the station manager at KKXX, provided KRCR News Channel 7 an image from surveillance video of someone inside the tower near the time the stations went off the air around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Palmquist said this is due to a contract dispute. He said the stations' contract with Incomm Sites, a property management company, had expired but Incomm Sites believes the contract is valid for another year.

"We have about $50,000 worth of equipment up there," Palmquiest said. "And Incomm sites told me over the phone that we had 48 hours or they could not guarantee that our equipment wouldn't be vandalized or removed from the tower."

"The wife of the owner told me that they're willing to tear down the towers and cut down the wires."

Palmquist said he's filed a police report. We called Incomm Sites at two different telephone numbers but have yet to receive a return call.

The author of this article is also a contributor to Butte Broadcasting and KKXX.