County employees get paid time off to help with Harvey relief efforts


OROVILLE, Calif. - The Butte County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution that will allow county employees to get paid time off to volunteer in relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

Deputy County Administrator, Sang Kim, created the resolution. He said he wanted employees to have the opportunity to go to Houston and help if they wanted to.

Kim said that this is not the first time a resolution like this passed. During Hurricane Katrina, the board of supervisors allowed employees to get paid time off to volunteer.

"What I am hoping is that this will be an example for Butte County," said Kim. "That other employers will let their employees take time off to help victims of Hurricane Harvey."

County employees who want to volunteer have to get approval from the department head first. Once they are approved, they have to pay for their own flight and hotel arrangements.

Kim said that employees have to have proof that they are going to Houston to volunteer. Such as presenting a certificate or letter from the organization they volunteer for.

Kim said that currently there is no specific date as to when this resolution for employees will expire. He mentions that relief efforts can take months or more until Houston can fully recover.

Kim said he plans to go to Houston to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey once he can make arrangements.

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