Deadline to file claims for the Oroville spillway crisis approaches


OROVILLE, Calif. - The deadline to file a claim for the Oroville Dam spillway crisis was supposed to be on Friday but is being pushed to Saturday. So far dozens of people have filed claims, asking reimbursement for lost business during the crisis.

Julie Jackson, the owner of The Oroville Flower shop filed a claim because she lost business when the evacuation order was ordered during the emergency spillway crisis.

The Oroville Flower shop was preparing for their busiest holiday of the year.

"We were here over the Friday and Saturday prior to the evacuation making arrangements prepping for Valentine's day which is our biggest holiday of the year," said Jackson.

After they finished arranging flowers for Valentine's Day, they found out that they had to evacuate. Once the evacuation order was lifted they went back to the shop.

"On Monday we came in and just kind of hung out in here and people were calling wanting a refund for their order not for a delivery to be placed," said Jackson.

She lost a lot of money having to give people refunds as well as having flower arrangements go to waste.

"We calculated from prior years. We lost anywhere from $24,000-$30,000," said Jackson.

As a result of the loss, Jackson filed a claim hoping to get a refund for the business she lost during the evacuation order.

Julie's shop was not the only business affected by the emergency spillway crisis. Soul Healing Horses, a place where people ride horses for therapy, also suffered financially as a result of the spillway crisis. The owner of the company, Shannon Paige, said that although she did not have to evacuate, road closures signs affected her business drastically.

"It was about $4,000. That is what I wrote on my statement. I normally make a couple thousand dollars a month for the horses and that just supports them," said Paige.

Paige said the sign stayed there for months. The closure signs were not the only factor in impacting her business.

"The road having to be paved all the trucks, a lot of the traffic, a lot of people, a lot of my clients are emotional and behavioral clients so they didn't want to have to deal with it," said Paige.

As a result of the loss of her business, she filed a claim as well.

Paige said she is currently months behind financially and hopes that this reimbursement will help her recover from the loss of her business.

The Government Claims program will be accepting claims postmarked no later than this Saturday.

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