Earth Day celebration kicks off early at Chico State


CHICO, Calif. - The Chico State Sustainability Practices group hosted Plastic by the Numbers Thursday in the Trinity Commons area on campus.

The event aims to educate students and the community about their plastic waste consumption and how it impacts oceans and the environment.

Chico businesses that help keep the movement going were there, like Klean Kanteen and ChicoBags, whose founder told us that even now the environment is not higher on the list of things citizens concern themselves with.

"You want to take care of your family (and) put a roof over your head," said Andy Keller. of ChicoBags. "It's more of a luxury to think about how to make a positive impact on the planet," he said. Thursday's event was a precursor to Earth Day, which began in 1970, and is officially recognized this Saturday.

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