Entrepreneurs compete at Chico State


CHICO, Calif. - Small business owners got the chance to convince investors their product is the best at Chico State Wednesday.

30 entrepreneurs competed for the top prize for the best innovative product in the Northstate.

Sierra Nevada presented the 2014 Innovation Challenge. Each presenter got six minutes to present their product to the judges and see if investors would choose to invest.

While Security Exchange Commission rules prevented them from cutting deals or making offers in the public forum, it did allow them to network with investors while building relationships for potential future partnerships.

"So now they are face-to-face with us," said entrepreneur Jackson Corley. "They hear our pitch. They come to our booth afterwards. We talk to them and it's pretty amazing."

Corley's company, Incrediwear, is based in Chico and produces a fabric that increases your blood flow all across your body. He said after his presentation , he was able to strike deals with distributors from Peru and Mexico.

In addition to presentations, there was also competition in five categories ranging from science to food manufacturing.

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