Fire crews in Bangor explain last steps before full containment


BANGOR, Calif. - The La Porte Fire, in Butte County and labeled as part of the Wind Complex, has burned 6,151 acres and was 80 percent contained as of Sunday morning.

Almost a week after it started, most of the flames were out for the La Porte Fire, so crews had switched gears, working to make hand and dozer lines in the dirt.

This process separates the burned areas from unburned vegetation, then they focus on mopping up 300 feet into the burned area to ensure any smoldering stumps or other hot spots have been put out. Those hot spots are what have the potential of sparking up and jumping over the line, which could reignite another fire.

"For the last few days we've put a lot of firefighters in and around town looking for those spots, we've had a lot of folks call us and we go out and try to address them and mop them up in that sense or put them out completely," explained Garrett Sjolund, CAL FIRE firefighter. "Sometimes they pop up during the heat of the day which is typically in your afternoon hours, or you don't notice them until nighttime because the sun's gone down and you can see a little bit of a glow."

CAL FIRE said it expects to have full containment by Thursday. Now, they're urging locals whose homes were lost to start reaching out for help with the rebuilding process.

"I think it's really at a point where the community members and those that have lost their homes to start looking for resources to help rebuild," explained Sjolund. "I know the county services is setting up some excellent opportunities for them, including Wednesday at the community center."

Crews also added that Thursday it is forecasted to rain, which should help finish off any other smoldering that remains.

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