Fireworks are illegal in most parts of Butte County


CHICO, Calif. - The Fourth of July is only a week from Friday and firework stands are starting to appear in both Butte and Glenn Counties.

So far the one in Oroville and Hamilton City are empty, but that will change soon. A friendly reminder from the Butte County Sheriff's Office, it's illegal to shoot off or carry fireworks anywhere in Butte County with the exception of the cities of Oroville and Gridley, and even then only the "safe and sane" variety. They also said, you are responsible if a fire is started from the fireworks you buy.

"If you use them and it starts a fire, which is very likely given the high fire danger that we are operating under, you could be charged either with recklessly setting a fire or perhaps arson which could result in jail time," said Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea.

Both the Sheriff's Office and CAL FIRE are planning to increase staff and patrol the area on Independence Day. If you plan to shoot off fireworks, it's advised to have a garden hose or a bucket of water ready to go.

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