Former roommate of Bridget Jacobs believes she was murdered


CHICO, Calif. - Bridget Jacobs' former roommate said he believes she was murdered by her ex-husband, who will be arraigned Monday.

"That was my first thought, was Phil," said Cassius Janisse, recalling the moment when he first heard the news that Bridget was missing.

Janisse and Bridget Jacobs moved into a house together in Redding the spring of 2015. He added that she moved to Redding from New York to attend Bethel Church.

"She was so passionate for Bethel and the community," he said. The two became fast friends, and shortly after, Bridget began dating Philip, a nurse practitioner at Anderson Walk-in Medical Clinic.

Bridget was a patient of Philip's.

Janisse said the couple quickly moved in together because Phillip insisted that he would marry Bridget.

According to Janisse, Philip was aggressive and forceful, and Bridget was afraid of him even though she loved him.

"I know she wanted out of that relationship so bad," he said. "It's just really hard to think about somebody would do that to her."

Bridget and Philip married in November 2015. Janisse said before their elopement in Hawaii, Philip beat Bridget and went to jail for 4 days before the two officially exchanged vows.

When she returned to Redding from Hawaii, Janisse said Bridget became distant and was often unable to spend time with him because Philip did not want the two to be friends.

Eventually, Bridget confided in Janisse about her abusive relationship. By winter, she had moved out of Philip's condominium on Hilltop Drive and back to New York, staying with her sister.

Janisse said he got a text from Bridget in the spring, saying she was moving back to Redding to try and work things out with Philip. The two started attending marriage counseling.

"It was all part of his mind games," Janisse said.

When asked if he believes Philip Jacobs murdered Bridget, Janisse said, "I do. I have no doubt in my mind."

He added he didn't trust Philip since the start of their relationship.

"From the moment I met Phil, the first day when he was saying 'she's going to be my wife, she's going to be mine', like this possessiveness, and then it led to violence," he said. "It led me to that conclusion that he had done something."

Jannise and Bridget tried to spend time together after she had finalized the divorce in December. However, they were unable to meet due to Janisse's work schedule.

"I wish I could go back," he said. "I don't know if that would've changed anything. I don't know."

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