Gloria Steinem visits Chico State


CHICO, Calif. - Gloria Steinem is a front runner in the women's rights movement and author of New York Times best seller My Life On the Road.

She visited Chico State Wednesday, giving students an inside look at her life dedicated to political activism.

My Life On the Road is the 2016-2017 Chico Book in Common, a program that unites the entire community with a different book every year.

One Chico State student said that in a defeating political climate, she read the book and found Steinem inspiring.

Another student, Serena Cervantes, said she came to the question and answer session with Steinem to hear her stance on domestic violence. After struggling with her own experience with abuse and a custody battle, Cervantes said she sees a huge flaw in the court system and hopes to get Steinem's opinion on how to go about reform and activism.

"How do we go about validating the victim's story if they don't report their abuser but they know that the abuse happened," questioned Cervantes. "How do we go from it being hearsay to validating their stories if they don't report said abuse? So I'd like to know what Gloria Steinem's opinion is on this matter."

Steinem's response to that was aside from a need to reform court law, everyone needs to make the connection that the first determinant of the violence of a nation is how they treat their women.

Steinem started her day speaking to students at Butte College. She is scheduled to speak again Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Chico State's Laxson Auditorium. This event is sold out, but for more information on how to listen in, click here.

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