Interrogation interviews detail triple murder


OROVILLE, Calif. - Prosecutors played police interrogation tapes made when they questioned Donald Clark about the deaths of 17-year-old Richard Jones Jr., 15-year-old Roland Lowe and his mother 46-year-old Coleen Lowe.

In one tape the interview starts off with investigators asking Clark if he knew anything about the deaths. Clark told investigators he didn't. Then they showed him surveillance pictures of the three coming to the property where Clark lives in Centerville. At that point Clark confessed to shooting all three of them. "Richard got smart with me. He came up to me and I had a shotgun," said Clark on the video. In another video, Clark demonstrates step-by-step what happened. Clark said Jones threatened to kick him off the property. "Richard was a psycho and he was a pain," said Clark. Clark then he says he went back inside to get his shotgun. "He came up and started plunging at me," said Clark continuing on the video. "He got a hold of it and it went like this and it went off." Both the Lowes then started attacking Clark with a BB gun and knife. "She pulled the knife out probably when I got Richard," said Clark on the video. Clark admitted to shooting both of them. "I considered calling the police every minute when it happened," said Clark. Clark then took their bodies in the stolen car they came up from Sacramento in, lit it on fire, and left it on the Skyway in Magalia. "It was something to do," said Clark on the video. "I would like to think ... I didn't ... I know you can't hide stuff like that." Clark told investigators that he felt threatened by Jones when he visited the property. "On one hand he deserved to die," said Clark. "If I didn't kill him he was going to kill somebody. I know that."

Family members of the victims left the courtroom at least twice when the testimony became too difficult for them to hear. The trial will continue on Thursday. The prosecution plans to call people who lived nearby as witnesses.