Lake County holds barbecue in support of Butte County


OROVILLE, Calif. - The city of Oroville is now known nationwide for having a brutal year after the spillway crisis and Wall Fire.

In times of need, locals and even surrounding counties are stepping up to help out.

Sunday, a group of 50 or so Lake County residents drove to Oroville to throw the locals a free barbecue in support.

They held the event at the Martin Luther King Jr. park and expected over 1,200 people to attend.

Organizers said it was their turn to thank Butte County residents for the support they showed to Lake County during the Rocky and Valley Fires of 2015.

"Lake County suffered 1400 and something homes with four deaths in the Valley Fire alone in 2015," said one organizer, Matthew Nelson. "We want to make sure and reassure [Butte County] that even though the flames are out, we're still here. People still care about them and that's how they showed us down there."

Twin Pines casino donated over 500 hot dogs, 200 hamburgers, pounds of chicken wings and even tri-tip.

The event started at 2:30 p.m. and was open to the public.

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