Lake Oroville becomes poster child of California drought


OROVILLE, Calif. - The newest images from Lake Oroville illustrate how severe this year's drought has been.

Before and after pictures show the lack of water in Lake Oroville and the contrast between what the lake looked like in 2011 and this year. At full cap, the surface of Lake Oroville sits at 736 feet in elevation. The water level was at 678 feet on Wednesday. This year, the lake is dropping nearly a foot in elevation every day and the Spillway Boat Launch Ramp is the only one still open. Boaters now have to travel down a gravel road in a four-wheel drive vehicle just to get there. The Department of Water Resources' website says the last time Lake Oroville saw a rise in elevation was around May 1.

Water resource officials said that it's crucial everyone start saving water. Governor Jerry Brown recommends that everyone cut down their water usage by 20 percent.