Law enforcement ends three-hour standoff peacefully


PARADISE, Calif. - The Paradise Police Department and the Butte County Sheriff's Office responded to a residence in the 1200 block of Wagstaff Road after receiving a report of a disturbance and a gunshot being fired.

Upon arrival, PPD officers encountered Basilio "Tony" Bagorio, 39, leaving the home with a rifle in hand. Both law enforcement agencies engaged in a three-hour standoff with Bagorio who continued to pace around the property with the rifle.

During the standoff, specially trained crisis-intervention-response deputies and officers talked with Bagorio in an effort to persuade him to put the rifle down and surrender. An armored vehicle was brought to the scene to provide cover to the deputies and officers during the negotiation.

At one point in an effort to safely subdue Bagorio, a BCSO deputy fired a less than lethal bean bag shotgun and struck Bagorio five times. The bean bag rounds had little to no effect on Bagorio.

After being hit with the bean bag rounds Bagorio pointed the rifle at BCSO Deputy Ian Dickerson, who was positioned on the perimeter of the scene and was not covered by the armored vehicle. Concerned Bagorio was going to shoot him, Deputy Dickerson fired a single round in the direction of the Bagorio. Bagorio was not struck and no one was injured due to that round being fired.

Shortly after that, deputies were able to convince Bagorio to put the rifle down, which gave them the opportunity to move in and safely take him into custody.

An investigation into this incident is being conducted by Butte County District Attorney's Office in conjunction with the Butte County Sheriff's Office and the Paradise Police Department.

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