Law enforcement warns boaters: Don't drink and drive


CHICO, Calif. - Law enforcement said Friday, they will be watching for those who drink too much and decide to operate a boat this summer. The Glenn County Sheriff's Office said thousands of people go to launch their boat every summer on the Sacramento River near Irvine Finch in Hamilton City. Many law enforcement agencies in the Northstate are participating in the nationwide campaign Operation Dry Water to alert boaters to the dangers of mixing alcohol and boating. Deputies said the effects of alcohol can be enhanced on a boat.

"What you normally consume and possibly be safe with is different than it would be say on the water where you have wind, excessive sun and the loud noise of a boat," said Glenn County Deputy Heath Rasmussen.

Deputies said in the last two years no "BUI" arrests were made on Glenn County waters. If you get caught boating under the influence, it will land you in jail and you will pay heavy fines. You can also lose your driver's license as well.