Medical marijuana dispensary has normal, but busy 4/20


CHICO,Calif. - On the annual day of cannabis celebration, Chico Doctors said its April 20 was much like every other day.

It was busy, but the manager, Stacy Sloan, said spring is the time when their schedules are full after a slow winter season.

In the hour and a half that the dispensary had been open, nine people made appointments to get a medical marijuana card and another six came in to renew.

Sloan said they have gotten a number of people who come in trying to buy medical marijuana without a card, but said she always turns them down.

"Because it's for the medical marijuana, not for fun, you know? This is an office to help people that really need it.," said Sloan." They just need to come out and fill out paperwork and then they Skype the doctor, he's from LA and they go into the room right there and they talk about what's wrong with them or, you know, we have a lot of cancer patients."

Sloan said she thinks this season is busy because growers have finished their crops and are selling them. The entire process is regulated by the Medical Board of California.

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