Neighbors grateful for reopening of Oroville's Lakeland Trailhead


OROVILLE, Calif. - In the months after a huge erosion formed in the Oroville Dam Spillway, the repercussions have been both big and small.

The Lakeland Trailhead had to be closed due to construction and just reopened November 4. Because there were no signs indicating that the Lakeland Trailhead was closed, people intending to visit were turned around at the gate many times a day.

This resulted in a significant erosion to Jim Campolo's driveway. He said people often use the Lakeland Trailhead to ride their horses, but since there's not enough room for a car, and especially a trailer, to turn around, they'd use his gravel driveway to turn back.

That, mixed with heavy rains is what Campolo said caused major breaks in the road, so he's very happy to see the trail is back open.

"You really do kind of turn into a nightmare here when the horse riders who bring their 40-foot trailers down here, they've got to have a place to turn around," Campolo explained. "So I go to work and my work trucks out of the driveway and I come home and I've got tracks all the way around through. I had somebody turn around last year, spun their tires and broke one of the windows in my truck."

The Lakeland Trailhead had been closed for public safety during nearby construction on underground transmission lines. It will remain open until early 2018, at which time DWR will begin the next phase of underground work.

The trail is expected to permanently reopen to the public in the summer of 2018.

An expansion project at Bidwell Canyon Recreation Area will begin in December. Construction will begin to add two boat ramp lanes and widen the existing Stage 1 ramp from three lanes to five between lake elevations 850 feet and 735 feet.

DWR continues to work on projects at the Bidwell Saddle Dam Trailhead and Lime Saddle Boat Launch Area. The first phase of construction on the Bidwell Saddle Dam Trailhead was completed on September 6, significantly expanding the parking area.

Phase two of construction is expected to begin in early 2018 and will include new picnic tables, a hand-washing sink, drinking fountain, shade trees, and a horse trough. The first phase of construction at the Lime Saddle Boat Launch Area in Paradise, which provided a new gravel parking lot, was completed August 9. Phase two of the project is anticipated to start in January of 2018 and will include paving the new gravel lot and adding lighting.