Oroville native survives shooting at concert


CHICO, Calif. - An Oroville native recounts what happened during the Las Vegas shooting.

Wayne Witherington grew up in Oroville and went to Oroville High School during his teen years. He said living in Oroville was where he found his love for country music. He thought the Harvest Festival had a great lineup so he and his friends decided to go to Las Vegas.

"We were in the front part of the stage," said Witherington. "I have never watched Jason Aldean so I wanted to be up close."

Witherington then said he heard gun shots.

"It sounded like firecrackers or speaker malfunctions," said Witherington, "I turned around and saw someone get shot in the head and people dropping."

He realized the sounds were gun shots.

"I was like that is gun everybody get down," said Witherington," My instinct was to protect those around me, my friends."

Witherington shielded his best friend, who was next to him.

"That is my best friend," said Witherington,"I am not going to let her get hurt. Not on my watch."

Wayne tried to help as many people as he could. People who were shot or people trying to go over fences.

Witherington said his mother died when he was 10 years old, and knows what it is like to lose a loved one. He said he did not want other people to experience the same loss so he did what he could to help.

Witherington is currently back home in Los Angeles. He and his friends were able to escape the horrific event unharmed.

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