Paradise Police: No credible threat of school shooting


PARADISE, Calif. - The Paradise Police Department said there is no credible threat to students after a kid allegedly threaten to shoot up the campus.

According to police, shortly before 1 p.m. officers received a report from Paradise High School that a student had made a threat while in a locker room that he was going to shoot up the school the following week.

After the alleged threat, the student was seen leaving the campus.

Officers located the 15-year-old student near the school. Further investigation by police and school officials determined the student does not have access to weapons and did not have the means by which to carry out the alleged threat.

It was further determined the student made the threat in jest without any thought of the ramifications. Based on the investigation there was no evidence the student could carry out the threat however the statements made by the student caused fear for both students and staff. t

The student was subsequently taken into custody for criminal threats.

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