PG&E claiming no brownouts reported in Butte County


CHICO, Calif. - PG&E responded to what the Department of Water Resources described this week as "brownouts" in Butte County.

The DWR said Tuesday that with low lake levels, Oroville Dam is not producing enough power and causing brownouts on parts of Kelly Ridge Road and Forbestown Road.

PG&E said that's not the case. They agree power producing is down at the dam but they are looking at other ways to refill the grids. No brownouts have been reported.

"Despite being a drought and less hydro-electric power production that doesn't impact customers locally," said PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno. "So customers are not directly tied to any local power generation."

DWR said Tuesday Oroville Dam is producing 510 megawatts, down from 820 which is normal. We tried reaching out to the DWR for comment but they did not respond by this article's publication.

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