Red Cross stretched thin after back to back disasters


OROVILLE, Calif. - With flooding, hurricanes and now massive fires, the disasters seem never-ending this year. At the Church of the Nazarene in Butte County, the Red Cross has set up shop for the fourth time since February.

Local chapters of the organization are first responders, but to relieve that group, members of the Red Cross's National Disaster team are here now, too.

Arlene Flick is a volunteer supervisor who came all the way from South Carolina. She responded to Hurricane Sandy and Matthew and had just finished working on Hurricane Irma relief when she was sent here for her first round of fires.

"Normally with Red Cross, you have a local area and you pull from your local area first, then you branch out and you pull from your state," Flick explained. "But because of all of the disasters in Texas and Florida and even overseas, fires down in Southern California, they're actually starting to pull from a wider range."

She said next up is likely Santa Rosa, also adding that since the organization is volunteer-based, it's hard to find enough people willing to be deployed for the mandatory two-week minimum.

To donate or volunteer with the Red Cross, click here.

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