Report: Text messages claim missing woman was kidnapped

Alycia 'Aly' Yeoman, 20 of Gridley

GRIDLEY, Calif. - New surveillance video and text messages are being investigated in the disappearance of a missing Butte County college student. The text messages to her mother indicate the young woman may have been kidnapped.

Alycia Yeoman, 20, of Gridley, was last seen one week ago leaving a friend's house in Yuba City late in the evening on March 30. Friends and family became worried when she failed to show up for work the next day.

Surveillance video obtained by KCRA-TV shows the Yeoman's pickup driving into an orchard late that night in the community of Live Oak in Sutter County. It's unclear who was driving the vehicle. Her truck and cellphone were recovered from the orchard, but there's been no sign of Yeoman. Authorities said the truck got stuck in the mud and was spotted by some farm workers. A single set of footprints were found leading from the truck.

Several law enforcement sources told a reporter from KCRA-TV that on Tuesday, Yeoman's mother received text messages saying her daughter was alive and had been kidnapped. The text messages listed a series of demands. Sources said those messages are coming from several IP addresses.

When KRCR News Channel 7 called the Gridley Police Department to confirm the information KCRA-TV was reporting about the text messages, they told us they are the investigating agency and that the messages are not from credible sources.

Close friends have provided a timeline of the evening before she went missing. They said she needed to talk, and confided in a 37-year-old man who was a friend of hers. The man is also the father of two of her friends close to her age. Yeoman and her friend went to a popular Yuba City restaurant, Taste of India, where they had dinner.

Employees said there is surveillance video of the pair eating dinner. Gridley police viewed the recording.

After leaving the restaurant, her friends said Yeoman went back to the man's home on Romero Street in Yuba City joined by his children.

Another young couple, who are also all friends, later joined them. The friends said the older friend offered Yeoman to sleep on the couch before having to go to work early the next morning. But they said she instead decided to take the backroads home, which is what they said she always did, to avoid the cops when she'd been drinking.

As of Thursday morning, the FBI was searching the home Yeoman was last seen leaving.

Anyone with information about Yeoman is asked to call the Gridley Police Department at (530) 846-5670.

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