Scalpers try to profit from Chico State graduation


CHICO, Calif. - Free Chico State graduation tickets are being sold on the internet through social media and other websites.

School officials said they issued tickets this year to ease the growing crowds over the years.

"It was deemed too dangerous to try and help somebody in an emergency or even God forbid we should evacuate the stadium," said public affairs director for Chico State, Joe Wills. Each student got five free tickets, but some of those tickets have made their way to the internet and are being sold on sites like Facebook and Craigslist. "There is no way that someone buying a ticket knows whether that was the sole copy of that ticket," said Wills. Wills said the tickets can be copied but can only be used once. "It's not something that we were thinking we would have to police in that sense," said Wills. "I felt that I was a little blinded by only getting the email in January when I already told family members I had an opportunity to come to my graduation," said graduating Chico State senior, Marissa Garcia. Garcia said she's not a fan of the new ticket system, but would never take the chance of buying them online. "I don't want to risk that chance that three people can scan that ticket and no one gets in," said Garcia.

Chico State said they will show the ceremonies on projection screens at the rose garden on campus and outside of the stadium for those who can't get inside.