Schools locked down after shots fired, 3 boys arrested


CHICO, Calif. - Two Chico schools went on lockdown Friday morning after shots were heard in the South Chico area. Police later arrested three teenagers who allegedly fired the shots inside a vacant home, using a gun reported stolen by one of their parents.

The incident started around 10:30 a.m., causing worried moments for parents of school children at Little Chico Creek Elementary and Marsh Junior High School. Both schools are located just off Humboldt Road and Forest Avenue. Both schools were placed on lockdown.

A witness reported hearing two shots fired in the area of an apartment complex at 1661 Forest Avenue. An employee at the apartments said he heard at least 10 rounds.

When police arrived they heard more shots from the area of a vacant home about a block away at 2051 Humboldt Road. The home is located directly west of Marsh Junior High School.

Officers set up a perimeter and searched for the source of the gunshots.

As more officers arrived, they spotted three males jumping the rear fence of the home at 2051 Humboldt Road and running toward Little Chico Creek.

Police detained the three boys, ages 15, 16 and 17. They will face charges of reckless discharge of a firearm. No one was injured. Parents texted with their children, who were on lockdown for about one hour at the nearby schools.

Police said the investigation revealed the three boys had trespassed inside the vacant home and while inside, two of the boys fired shots from a handgun. Police searched the area behind the home and found a handgun near the creek.

Police said the handgun had been reported stolen by the parents of one of the detained teenagers.

Due to their age, the names of the suspects were not released.

As to why the shots fired, Chico Police Cpt. Ford Porter said it doesn't appear they were intended to harm any people. "It was possible that the juveniles were just playing with the guns or shooting at critters," said Porter.

*This article contains the following correction: Police originally reported that four juveniles were arrested. They later released updated information. Only three people were arrested for involvement in this incident.