Searching for dollars


CHICO, Calif. - Butte County Search and Rescue goes on roughly 100 missions per year. Sometimes helicopters are used to save or just search for those who've become lost.

The Search and Rescue team is an all-volunteer operation, and they are now searching for $16,000 to replace 30-year-old flight suits, gloves and helmets.

"[The helmets] have intercoms so they can communicate with ground resources as well as the air ship," said Devin Lucero, the public information officer of Butte County Search and Rescue. "Basically it provides a better level of protection as well as providing patient care."

Butte County Search and Rescue in conjunction with the Silver Dollar Speedway is holding a raffle and silent auction Friday night during the races to pay for the updated gear. Additionally, the search and rescue team will conduct an air rescue demonstration between races. Gates at the speedway open at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.