Senator Nielsen bashes Affordable Care Act


CHICO, Calif. - "The greatest domestic failure in the history of America," said State Senator Jim Nielsen about the Affordable Care Act and Covered California.

Nielsen is calling for major changes, and also referred the law as the Non-Affordable Care Act. Nielsen said that since the passing of the law in 2010, more than a million Californians have lost their health insurance coverage. Nielsen explains that forcing people into the exchange shouldn't happen and that consumers should have the right to choose if they want healthcare or not. Right now, Nielsen is drawing up a piece of legislation to make that happen. "I am examining and going to prepare legislation to do these various things to undo it. Also, to insure that we undo that law in 2010 to ensure our Californians are going to continue to have their insurance options," said Nielsen. Nielsen said he is working with top experts in the field of health insurance while creating this new legislation. Nielsen will not be able to introduce the bill until next January.