Students concerned after increase in Chico party shootings


CHICO,Calif. - In the last two months, at least five people were shot in Chico, three of which were at a party.

Chico Police were not able to give us an exact number of how many people have been shot within city limits this year, but KRCR News Channel 7 reported three shootings within two miles in the last month alone.

The most recent sent a former Chico State University student to the hospital after being shot numerous times at a Halloween party. "People were running out, many people got ran over from the freight of just trying to get away from the violence," said Nancy Sandoval.

In her second year at Chico State, Sandoval said things just keep getting worse. "I think it's very scary because I don't know where it's going to lead to," Sandoval said. "Things are going to escalate from gunshots to maybe gangs forming or something, I don't know. I don't feel safe here anymore in Chico, as I did before in my first year."

Several students said the problem isn't with Chico State, it's with the outsiders who come to party.

"I feel like it's an unfortunate event because it's been happening in Chico a lot recently," said Alonzo Alvarez. He's in the Epsilon Sigma Rho fraternity at Chico State and said they're joining together to raise awareness on this issue.

"I want it to stop, I want it to be safe for our community," Alvarez said. "It's not a good thing that's going on here, so with the help of our fraternity and all the other sororities around here, I'd like to try to help raise awareness for this."

In 2015 the City of Chico passed an ordinance that banned unruly gatherings altogether. At the time, Mayor Mark Sorenson said the ordinance was directed at those same out-of-towners the students had mentioned as well.

Chico city staff preferred not to go on camera to discuss these issues, but did say that collectively, they feel as though students need to keep Chico local. Adding when the outsiders come in to party, so do the problems.