Survivor of Vegas shooting says she has not lost faith in humanity


CHICO, Calif. - A survivor from the Las Vegas shooting is back home in Chico.

Stacie Power went to Vegas to celebrate her birthday at the Harvest Festival.

"The concert, the reason why we go is because everyone is just in a good mood," Power said.

Power said she and her friend were hanging out by the stage and moments before the shooting, they went to get beer. They happened to go to a concessions stand that was farthest away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

"The very first shots we did not hear because the music was still going," Power said. "People started to run. As soon as the music stopped, I heard gunfire. I am a gun owner myself and I knew exactly what that sound was."

Power said once she knew she was hearing gunshots, she and her friend crawled under the concessions stand.

"I told my family I thought I had been afraid before, but I never experienced fear like that," Power said.

In the midst of all the chaos, Power noticed people helping one another.

"There were people, Uber drivers, taxi drivers, shuttle drivers," Power said. "Their instinct could have been to leave everyone and get out of there. They were piling people into their cars to drive them to safety."

She said in spite of the horrific event, her faith in humanity was restored.

"All I could think about was how everyone became everyone's protector," Power said.

Seeing the goodness in people and watching them come together during the tragedy is helping her cope.

"People want to focus on the lack of humanity that man had," Power said, referring to the shooter. "To me, seeing the good in people during that time restored my faith."

Power said she will not live her life in fear and will continue to live her life doing the things she loves, and will continue to go to concerts.

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