Thousands of prospective students flock to Chico State


CHICO, Calif. - Thousands of prospective students and their parents flocked to the Chico State campus Saturday for the annual Choose Chico! event.

Chico State pulled out all the stops to make the guests feel welcome and to show off all the school has to offer.

The day started with a welcome from University President Paul Zingg.

Tours were given of the campus, the city of Chico, education departments and housing options.

"I love it. It's, like, not too big and not too small," said prospective student Caitlynne Ekman from Weed.

The weather was a big selling point for Eckman's mother.

"I love Chico, it's fun," explained Michelle Eckman. "It's much warmer than where we live. It's flip-flop weather many many months of the year so that's a big plus."

Matt Manna drove with his father from Danville to check the campus out.

"I actually think it's really cool. The rec center is actually pretty crazy looking," Manna said, referring to Chico State's Wildcat Recreation Center, the huge work out center.

Manna's father, Carl, was taken aback by the campus.

"I'm really liking it. I think it's a gorgeous campus and it's a beautiful day. So, so far so good," Carl Manna said.

The Choose Chico! event is a crucial recruitment tool for the admissions department as high school seniors are on their last leg of looking at where they might attend college.