Two arrested after apartment explosion


CHICO, Calif. - Two suspects have been taken into custody for an apartment explosion in Chico.

One of them was burned in the incident.

Chico Police brought in county agents to investigate the materials after they found marijuana in a nearby dumpster and cans of butane as well.

Firefighters responded to an apartment fire that quickly turned into a crime scene Friday afternoon. Chico Fire responded to the College Life Apartments on the 600 block of West First Avenue to put a bathroom fire. Living in that apartment was Kevin Abbott, 23. He suffered second degree burns on his fingers. The cause of the blaze could be what firefighters found inside; marijuana and cans of butane. Firefighters called the police, who said it could be evidence of a butane honey oil lab. We did find some evidence to that effect, and we called BINTF," said Lieutenant David Britt of the Chico Police Department. "They have now come in and taken over the investigation." Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force agents also found marijuana in a nearby dumpster, and the cans of butane next to it. BINTF agents said the process of making the honey oil is very dangerous.

"It's very similar if you had a natural gas leak inside," said Britt. "The flammable fumes are exposed, and any ignition can cause an explosion."

No one was evacuated. Abbott was arrested for a felony warrant relating to another drug charge. His roommate, David Harrigan, 23, was also arrested for other drug related charges. We are still waiting from investigators to see if Abbott was charged with Friday's incidents.

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