Depression in new mothers: the warning signs


REDDING,Calif. - Maternal depression, postpartum depression and even psychosis, are all very serious and more importantly – treatable conditions that can effect expecting and new moms.

"People don't have to suffer in silence," said Brooke Biechman, prenatal services coordinator for Shasta County public health.

"Maternal depression is actually a very common thing, and a lot of women do suffer from postpartum depression," Biechman explained.

Public health officials said depression can affect any pregnant woman and signs can manifest up to a year after child birth.

"Some of the warnings signs are sad feelings, feeling anxious and changes in sleep," explained Biechman. "Sometimes it's not sleeping when the baby is sleeping, sleeping too much. Changes in eating, frequent crying and not enjoying things that you used to enjoy."

She recommends any woman feeling like something might possibly be wrong to speak with a doctor right away.

Biechman also pointed out there are support groups such as postpartum support international and local public programs that offer assistance to mother's suffering from depression.

In Shasta County, there is a Healthy Babies program that focuses on counseling and support groups.