Office of Emergency Services responsibilities change in Trinity Co.


TRINITY COUNTY, Calif. - According to a press release put out by the Trinity County Sheriff's Office, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors voted to move the responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Services from the Sheriff's Office to Health and Human Services.

This move incorporates the fiscal responsibilities including but not limited to the Homeland Security Grant and the Emergency Management Preparedness Grant.

Some of the functions of the Office of Emergency Services include management of the Emergency Operations Center reverse 911 notification system (CodeRED) and the Emergency Action Plan, all which Health and Human Services will now be responsible for.

"We understand this information will surprise many members of the community. The Sheriff's Office did not request this change and Health and Human Services was not given a choice, we believe the public is best served by the responsibility of OES remaining with the Sheriff's Office," said Sheriff Bruce Haney. "Given the Board of Supervisors decisions to remove this function from the Sheriff's Office we will continue our dedicated service to the community including response to natural and manmade disasters."

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