Parents react to molestation allegations at a Trinity school


TRINITY CENTER, Calif. - A teacher at a Trinity County elementary school has been arrested on several counts of child molestation. Investigators believe there may be more victims.

According to the school website, David Frederick was the lead teacher at Coffee Creek - a school with only a handful of students.

On Friday the school refused to give a comment, but parents who learned of the arrest online reacted.

One parent who observed Frederick's behavior around children and the town of Coffee Creek said someone should have noticed something might be wrong.

A close personal friend of Frederick's said she has known him for 20 years and said he had a passion for teaching, for nature and for the earth

"I can only imagine that this is a terrible mistake," said the close friend.

Some parents in the small town of Trinity Center disagree.

One concerned parent, who would only speak under the condition of anonymity, claimed she saw signs of trouble with Frederick.

"There were moments when I saw his interaction with the children that i saw red flags," the mother recalled. "The hugging, the touching, inappropriate behavior, crossing the line."

She said parents have complained about Frederick to the school board in the past but that nothing was done.

"Trinity County Board of the school has ignored the situation for a year and a half. They have pointed the finger that it's the parent's problem. A school that has 12 students in it and goes down to four. There's something wrong."

The Trinity County District's Superintendent, Ed Traverso, responded with "no comment" when asked about the allegations against Frederick.

When asked about parent complaints, Traverso responded with "no comment" again and referred any additional questions to the school's attorney.

Another parent said this should serve as a lesson to everyone.

"I think as parents we should stick together and listen to one another and trust in each other. It is our job to protect our children and our youth."