Weaverville residents thank Helena Fire crews on September 11


WEAVERVILLE, Calif. - The community of Trinity County has shown appreciation for the fire crews working on the Helena Fire since the beginning. Almost every business in Weaverville has a sign out that reads "Thank you fire fighters".

On Monday, the community took their appreciation to the streets. In honor of September 11, people lined the streets wearing red, white, and blue, and waving American Flags as crews drove through. They chose to stand out between 7:45 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. because that's the time shifts change for the fire crews. They were able to thank crews coming and going.

Scott Morris is a Weaverville Resident and was out waving a flag for the passing fire crews. He said his house has dodged wildfires twice.

"Oh gosh, you know, what a great bunch of guys and gals. They come from so far away. They give up their summers to be with their families," Morris said. "The time that they're not with their families, a lot of my local friends who are in the volunteer fire department here who have given countless hours to be on this fire is just amazing."