Antique train engine and box cars featured at new location


REDDING, Calif. - The Shasta Cascade Rail Preservation society began to move their two boxcars and steam engine to a new location on Tuesday.

The society is dedicated to restore and preserve historic railroad equipment in Shasta County.

"We are all railroad buffs," said former president of the society, Jim Arbuckle.

The antique train cars are currently next to the Haven Humane Society on Highway 273 and their new home is right down the tracks.

"We want to move over there and be able to get the little gas locomotive number one running so that we can go in circles and teach kids that this is a railroad, because most of them have never seen steam locomotives," Arbuckle said.

After society members move the car, the plan is to build an interactive museum. It will be a place where people can learn about steam engines, box cars and safety.

"We want to educate the kids about track safety. For one because this area and Chico is a big area for hazards and that is our main point. The other point is to restore these for historical purposes," said Society Director Dave Jungkeit.

Jungkeit also handles the restoration process.

"I have always loved trains. Ever since I was a kid," Jungkeit said.

Jungkeit wants to restore the cars back to how they were when they were in service.

One of the cars that needs repairs was used in a 1939 film called "Jesse James" and it came to them as a gift.

"Everything we own is donated to us. Forklifts are donated to us. Everything," Arbuckle said.

Members of the society said it is a perfect connection between history and hobby, something every member can relate to.

"I have a model circus-railroad that is unbelievable but I also like logging and this group is logging and mining so it fits into what I like," Arbuckle said.

Society members said the next step is to clear the new area and lay down another train track for the box cars and engines to latch onto.