Award winning chef at Anderson Food Truck Court


ANDERSON, Calif. - Award-winning Greek chef, Michael Athanasopoulos, made an appearance at the Anderson Food Truck Court Friday evening and plans to be back on Saturday.

Athanasopoulos is from Greece but now lives in Rosewood. He travels around California with his truck "The Lamb and the Wolf"

He's been featured on Food Network. He also won the International Pizza Competition in Las Vegas in 2014.

His truck offers Greek Mediterranean food including gyros, Greek appetizers, specialty pizzas including the award-winning portable pizza cone, and salads.

He said he likes the court at the Anderson River Park because of the scenery.

"First of all, there's water," he said. "When there is water, I'm over there. I love it. I'm from Greece, we grew up next to the water."

He's traveled to over 100 food truck courts and has seen the success and the failures.

"People try to do it. It's sometimes successful, sometimes not," he said. "It depends on the community. It's like a restaurant business. You never know if it's going to be successful or not."

He said the city of Anderson does have a great community from what he's experienced.

You can catch him again on Saturday at the Anderson River Park from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m.