Bethel's growth and impact on Redding featured in BuzzFeed News

Screen shot of article appearing on BuzzFeed News on October 12, 2017.

REDDING, Calif. - Reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy covers the intersection of business and education for BuzzFeed, and more than a year ago the growing student body of Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry caught her attention.

"I just saw the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and said, this is fascinating. I want to know what they teach at this school," the Washington, D.C. based journalist said in a phone interview Thursday night. "And that was basically how it started, just seeing that and, you know, how do all these foreign students end up in Redding."

Hensley-Clancy said she spent five days in Redding during the fall of 2016, and BuzzFeed News later sent a photographer to capture the images that support the article.

In it she details her experience visiting the Bethel church and school campus in Redding, speaking with students and supporters, as well as others in the community without ties to Bethel.

One line in the article seemed to capture the experience, as she writes of Redding, "In a troubled city caught in a downward spiral, there is one bright spot: Bethel."

"I was really basing that on what I heard from people who live in Redding, people on both sides," Hensley-Clancy said. "People who work for Bethel and people who are concerned about Bethel, on both sides, are saying...things have been different (in Redding) and changed. I think the common thread from all those people is that they really cared about Redding and wanted to make it a better place and the question was sort of how to go about that."

Her article can be found on BuzzFeed here.