Brian Dahle, Rick Bosetti Gear Up for Election Day


REDDING, Calif. - State Assembly candidates, Rick Bosetti and Brian Dahle, were both active Monday afternoon, making sure people get out and vote.

Brian Dahle spent his day with his family and a handful of supporters.

They were at the corners of Cypress Avenue and Bechelli Lane in Redding, waving campaign signs and saying hello to people driving by.

"This is actually about the future of our children, mine and yours. We need you to get out to vote tomorrow. This is the greatest nation in the world. You have the right to vote and please exercise it," Dahle said.

Rick Bosetti's camp spent their day encouraging people to hit the polls.

"We really need Redding to turn out," Bosetti said.

The candidate and about sixteen supporters worked the phones; answering questions and making sure people know where their polling places will be.

"This is Redding's chance to send someone from Redding back down to Sacramento after a decade without direct representation," Bosetti said.

Both Bosetti and Dahle will be in Redding on Tuesday night to watch the results trickle in.