Bridget Jacobs' divorce attorney devastated by her death


REDDING, Calif. - Redding Family Law Attorney Bonnie Baker served as Bridget Jacob's divorce lawyer and said she was concerned for Bridget's safety since she was a victim of domestic violence by her then-husband, Philip.

Learning of Bridget's death has weighed heavily on Baker because she had worked hard to help get Bridget out of town, and away from Philip.

Baker said a friend of Bridget's from New York reached out to her in March 2016, concerned for Bridget's safety.

She found it strange that the same time Philip filed for divorce from Bridget, he was also trying to reconcile with her.

Baker said at the time, Bridget was financially dependent on Philip, so the law office provided transportation for her and helped raised funds to pay for her relocation.

To Baker's relief, Bridget moved to Ohio to live with her sister a month after they worked together.

"I thought, unfortunately, that I had done a good job, and successfully completed a case, until I was contacted and told she was coming back and reuniting with him, which we tried to discourage," Baker said.

She felt Bridget distancing herself after returning home, and that Philip was aggressively pursuing her.

Baker said she tried to keep the two away from each other for the safety of Bridget but then stopped hearing from her.

She was devastated after learning about Bridget's death.

"I feel like I failed, and what else could I have done? I wish she would've reached out to me. I understand her movements were more constrained once they jointly resided together, as far as reaching out to people like myself. But I wish she had, I would've done anything for her," Baker said.

She added the Jacobs' relationship was marred by domestic violence early on. Baker said Philip beat Bridget when he was blacked out from drinking, then would recant when get got sober.

Baker said Bridget never gave up hope that Philip would change and they would end up a happy couple.

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