Bridget Jacobs' friend opens up about trying to keep her away from Philip


REDDING, Calif. - A friend of Bridget Jacobs said he tried to keep her away from Philip Jacobs, the man accused of murdering her.

Rommel Vance had known Bridget for about four to five years and he described her as a compassionate woman.

"She had a heart for the homeless. She had a heart for those that were unfortunate," he said.

Vance was by her side as Bridget became a born-again Christian and got to know her very well.

"Her whole life started to change for the better," he said.

He said Bridget was getting her life back on track until she met Philip. Vance said things took a nasty turn, especially after Hawaii when Philip spent time in jail for assaulting her.

"I kept telling her over and over again 'This guy is going to hurt you, he's going to do something to you. He is already been convicted once of assaulting you, like what are you thinking'", he explained.

Vance said it was tough to try and convince her Philip was not her match.

"She would usually just put her head down and she knew, but like I said he had something over her," he said.

However, Vance lost contact with Bridget.

"She kind of distanced herself and at that point I knew something was wrong," Vance explained.

Now Vance is mourning the loss of a good friend he loves.

"I'm horrified by the whole thing. I just can't believe anybody can even bring themselves to doing that to somebody that sweet," he said.

Vance is also trying to make sense of the Bridget's death.

"How could you chop your wife and throw her in the lake," Vance said with disgust.

Vance added he was trying to start a Boys and Girls Club and wanted Bridget to be apart of it because she would have made a great addition.

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