More remains believed to be Bridget Jacobs' recovered in Whiskeytown Lake


WHISKEYTOWN LAKE, Calif. - Shasta County Sheriff's Office dive crews recovered more remains they believe belong to Bridget Jacobs out of Whiskeytown Lake Saturday.

Divers had found a human leg attached to a cinder block in the lake Friday afternoon but had to stop their search for safety concerns and exhaustion before they fully recovered the body. Dive teams have been searching for Bridget's body for five days, ever since Bridget's ex-husband admitted to weighing down her body and dumping her in the lake on March 25.

On Saturday, divers with the Shasta County Sheriff's Boating Safety Unit returned to the lake around 9 a.m. to recover more of the remains. The Sheriff's Office said that they located additional body parts Saturday, but would not release the specifics of what they found. Investigators also believe that the remains were separated from the body through dismembering and not decomposition.

Sergeant Brian Jackson with the Major Crimes Unit said they were notified of tattoos on Bridget's body.

"We'll be looking for those to try to get an immediate identification because that's important for the investigation as her family," Jackson said, "next week the coroner's office will do the autopsy and try to determine how she was dismembered, in addition to any other injuries that she may have incurred."

Jackson said they have notified Bridget's family of the dismembered leg.

He added that while they can't definitively identify the body as Bridget yet, based on their investigation, they are fairly confident it is her.

The Sheriff's Boating Safety Unity said that due to the winds and a silty lake bottom, water clarity in the lake was poor and slowed search efforts. Dive efforts are not planned to be conducted tomorrow but are expected to resume early in the week when water clarity should improve.

On March 25, Philip Jacobs was arrested for the murder of Bridget after his body-dumping confession to the police. Philip has not confessed to the murder of Bridget, but instead has stated that she fell down the stairs during an argument. Philip did admit to the fact that he kept her body in his home until March 19, when he took her body to Whiskeytown Lake and dumped her after tying her to a cinder block.

An investigation into her disappearance showed that on March 15, around 11 p.m., the Shasta County Sheriff's dispatchers received a 911 hang-up from Philip's cell phone. During the call, dispatchers reported hearing a woman screaming.

When deputies checked the Jacobs' home in Cottonwood no one answered the door.

On March 20, Bridget's father reported her missing. Deputies questioned Philip who admitted to calling 911, but he said that Bridget had walked away with her purse, cell phone and her dog after their argument.

Three days later detectives served a search warrant on Philip's home and they found Bridget's cell phone and other evidence in a safe.

On March 28 detectives were interviewing Philip's mother when he arrived and told them he needed to talk "about how accidents happen." Deputies say Philip admitted Bridget died on March 15. According to detectives, Philip recounted how Bridget fell down the stairs during an argument and he believed she had broken her neck. They added that he admitted to keeping her body in his home until March 19, at which time he took her body to Whiskeytown Lake.

According to investigators, they had brought Philip out to the lake to show them where he had dumped her body. Officials say that he showed them the wrong location, but they do not believe it was on purpose.

In court on March 30, Philip Jacobs did not enter a plea and was given a $1 million bail. He is due back in court on Monday.

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