Burning ban for City of Redding to be lifted November 6


REDDING, Calif. - The Redding Fire Department announced they will be lifting the burning ban for all areas in the City of Redding on Monday, November 6.

City residents who would like to burn dry vegetation are required to obtain a no-cost burning permit from the Redding Fire Department website here. You can also get the permit at Redding Fire Department Headquarters, located at 777 Cypress Avenue in Redding.

The permits ensure residents understand all rules and regulations when it comes to burning.

For additional information or updates, visit or call 530-225-4141.

The burn permit fee for Redding residents was eliminated after a vote from the Redding City Council in June. According to Redding Fire Chief Gerry Gray, on June 20 the city council approved a resolution that eliminated the long-standing $9 permit fee.

"The elimination of the burning permit fee is a positive step for our community and eliminates inefficiency from our operation," said Chief Gray. "Perhaps more importantly than eliminating the permit fee is that we have made the process of obtaining the burning permit much simpler."