No funding for new Shasta County courthouse in California budget


REDDING, Calif. - California is facing a nearly $2 million budget deficit this year and Governor Jerry Brown's modest state budget preliminary proposal reflects that.

Governor Brown says his proposal cut back spending on some planned projects. That means construction for the highly anticipated new Shasta County Courthouse won't receive state funding under the current budget proposal.

"I don't think it's acceptable," said Melissa Fowler-Bradley, Shasta County Superior Court Executive Officer.

Fowler-Bradley said the current courthouse building, built in the 1950's, is too small and its design creates safety hazards for the public.

"When we have [people from the public] in corridors that we take in-custody defendants through, that is a very bad thing to do," Fowler-Bradley said.

"To have courtrooms that are so undersized that we have defendants that are sitting in such close proximity to court staff and to the public, that's unacceptable in my mind."

County officials were hoping to begin construction of the new facility later this year, but without the state funding, they can't move forward.

Governor Brown says his budget proposal rolled back on some planned spending increases this year, because he believes the California's financial situation could take even more of a hit over the next few years.

"Uncertainty about the future makes acting responsibly now even more important," Brown said in a statement released Tuesday.

All hope is not lost for Shasta County court officials. There remains the possibility the funding can find its way back into the revised budget during negotiations in Sacramento in the coming months.

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