CNN show to feature Shane Miller case


SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - A CNN show will make it's debut this Sunday and will focus on Shane Miller, who is on the U.S. Marshal's Top 15 Most Wanted.

Shane Miller, 46, is accused of killing his wife Sandy, 34, and his two daughters Shasta, 4, and Shelby, 8, on May 3, 2013.

Miller is accused of shooting the three to death.

Since the alleged murder there has been a nation-wide man-hunt for Miller but he has not been found.

The show "The Hunt with John Walsh" is documentary style, telling stories of criminals on the loose.

America's iconic bad guy hunter, Walsh, from "America's Most Wanted" is at it again.

Walsh is quoted in the show's promotional piece saying, "What the hell kind of a man is that? That shoots his own little girl?"

The Millers were known in Shingletown, Hans Heillm owns the Tatonka Trading Post where the family sometimes shopped.

"It was a shock for all of us up here, especially when you know the people, know the kids, I always gave the kids a little present a little bracelet when they bought something," said Heillm.

Others, like Diane Ferro, who has lived in Shingletown for 25 years didn't know the family but the crime still hits home.

"It makes you angry and as sick as the first day it happened," Ferro said.

Mare Deutcher, who is a client advocate at One SAFE Place in Redding spoke with Sandy Miller a month before she was killed.

Sandy went to One Safe Place to seek help for herself and two daughters.

"It was real clear to her that her husband could kill her or would kill her if she stayed," explained Deutcher.

Ultimately Sandy decided against staying at the shelter because she did not feel comfortable but Deutcher still worked with her on a future plan.

Deutcher said she was shocked to hear about her death and believes she might have somehow been tricked by Shane because she knew the home was not safe.

While nothing can be done to bring back Sandy and her daughters, many hope the show will bring awareness.

"Maybe more people can keep an eye out for him if you know they're making a show and his face is up there," said Ferro. "He needs to pay for what he did."

The show will debut Sunday on CNN at 9 p.m.

Since Sandy's death One Safe Place has begun fundraising for a new, more private and spacious shelter. They have planned to dedicate part of it to the Millers.

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