Co-owner of Shasta Co. Dutch Bros announces intention to run for City Council

REDDING, Calif. - Recall or not, the first candidate has stepped forward to run for a seat on the Redding City Council.

Erin Resner, who is the co-owner of Dutch Bros. in Shasta County and new mother, has announced her intention to run.

Resner said if you want to get something done, find a busy person. She noted that she'll run whether or not there's a recall. It's an idea that has been percolating in her mind for months and then she had a conversation with her dad.

"[My dad] said oh, I don't let your mom go to the grocery store by herself anymore. It's not that my mom is injured or frail or something like that and needs help getting from the car to the front of the store but he said I just didn't feel like it's a safe environment for her," Resner said. "And so I think that was the point in time in my heart when I really felt like, okay, instead of sitting on the sidelines at some point in time, I really need to bite the bullet and see what I can do on the real front lines."

Anje Walfoort is one of the organizers of the recall campaign of council members Kristen Schreder and Francie Sullivan. Walfoort said she can't speak for the group, but she is excited to see a candidate who's a business owner and concerned about public safety.

"Regardless of the recall, I'm excited about Erin because she is a business owner, she's had to overcome several hurdles in our area. They have spoken up at City Council meetings regarding public safety, so it's great to see somebody that's involved in the community that works in a positive environment, promotes growth and realizes the opportunity in this area and also the hurdles, and wants to overcome them," said Walfoort.

Redding City Clerk Pam Mize said that Resner has yet to contact her office, but the filing period for next November's election doesn't start for almost a year and if there were to be a recall election it's way too early to tell when that filing period would begin.