Cottonwood man arrested for murdering ex-wife has history of violence


REDDING, Calif. - Philip Jacobs made his first court appearance Thursday appearing solemn and remained mostly quiet.

The judge set his bail at $1 million. The prosecutor asked to increase bail to $2 million, because of Jacobs' extensive assets.

The prosecutor also pointed out that he admitted to attaching cinder blocks to his ex-wife's body, but that request was denied by the judge because it wasn't a public safety issue.

Jacobs' proposed attorney recommended the arraignment be continued to Monday afternoon to ensure they could handle this case, which was granted.

Upon reviewing divorce documents between the Jacobs, they were only together for eight months and their marriage lasted for three months.

For such short relationship, the court file is extensive.

The documents reveal that Philip spent four days in jail in Hawaii after being convicted of third degree assault after beating Bridget while the couple was on vacation there, just before they got married.

The court documents show Philip and Bridget Jacobs disagreed from the start, including about how they met.

Bridget claimed they met when she became his patient at the Anderson Walk-In Clinic where Philip worked as a nurse practitioner.

Bridget said he treated her for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of domestic violence from her previous marriage.

In his filing, Philip insists they met through church.

Both agree they began dating the spring of 2015 and were engaged a few months later.

While on vacation in October 2015, authorities were called to a room at the Westin Maui on Kaanapali, where they found a bleeding Philip and a beaten Bridget.

She told investigators Philip got drunk, and started yelling at her that he didn't want to marry her. She said he threw her on the bed and started punching her in the face and head.

Bridget managed to get to the door, but couldn't get out. She hit him in the face with a high heel.

Eventually, someone got into the room and pulled Philip away. He was convicted and spent four days in jail.

They married in November, but they were separated and living apart just three months later by February of 2016.

Their divorce was granted in December of 2016.

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